Posted by: bwana | November 9, 2011

New Reason for Frank Wolf Never to Retire…

We already know there are a host of candidates lining up on either side of the aisle to take a shot at Va-10 when Frank Wolf is no longer in office.

Yesterday, that line got a little longer thanks to the Dick Black victory in the Virginia 13 Senate contest.

I do not know which Dick Black will arrive in Richmond-the fundamental issues guy of the 2011 campaign, or the social issues guy who passes out plastic trinkets. If the latter, we have a strong reason to hope Congressman Wolf never retires, as the presence of the newly Senate credentialed Dick Black will likely inject an entirely new and more stressful level of discord into the process.

Congressman Wolf, puh-leeze stay right where you are for just as long as you want!


  1. […] of course some of the local alternatives to Frank Wolf are just too scary to even be considered, as spelled out by Bwana! Tweet Leave Comment Click here to cancel […]

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