Why is this Poot on the web?

My wife made me do it.

Seriously, she did. Sort of. But then anyone who knows I am married will assume that.

You see, she went off and started her own blog-and that got me thinking…which is typically a dangerous thing for me to do.

From time to time I have a desire to share what I know or-given I know so little-what I think. And I seem to come across enough interesting to really interesting stuff that it seemed others might get a kick out of it.

I started this blog pretty much to sort through my thoughts and see what kindred spirits there may be out there.

You see, I have nothing substantive to complain about…I have three beautiful children, and I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world. Fortunately, the kids primarily take after my wife. They are beautiful energetic, lively, and god-awful bright. About all I can reasonably take credit for is that they are all boys and thay they will all likely need braces.

Most of all, I just wanted a place to share my thoughts…and since I have a variety of interests, and can usually spell the word renaissance correctly without having to resort to spell check, it seemed a reasonable moniker to use…and it accurately suggests what this space will be about.

So off we go!


One thought on “Why is this Poot on the web?

  1. Great start! I look forward to your ruminations, etc. Now if only you too can post a picture of burned meat. Ha ha.

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