Please Get This Over With

I live in Virginia, where we have elections every year..and this year is making me somewhat nauseous…

In the local House of Delegates race, the Republican (Michael Golden) is pummeling my mailbox with mailings making claims I have to pay to substantiate. The Democrat (David Marsden) is invisible, and the pollsters are driving us batty.

I am overwhelmed with mail from Golden, yet each mailing follows the same process: Make a claim against Marsden, then cite the source in a footnote. Yet when I tried to check sources, the sources are (a) PAC questionnaires unavailable to the public, or (b) archived newspaper stories you have to pay to see, or (c) Marsden campaign flyers I have not seen.

Then there is the phone message left by some claiming to be Jennie Golden (the GOP wife) , who went on to say that DM was claiming that MG was in favor of “killing women” and “sending kids to school with guns”, and promising fuller explanation in a future mailing.

I emailed the Golden campaign and asked them if they could provide copies of their sources to me, as I did not think a voter should have to pay to see sources for campaign charges. The campaign manager emailed back that he would, and has not as of 10.21.05 (even after a follow up by moi).

I guess I am just an old fogy who thinks that when a candidate makes a claim, he should be providing the source of that claim.

His practice reminds me of a line from “The Shad Treatment”, where a candidate was faced by an opposition campaign that went about “blithely giving the lie to things [Shadwell] never said with the hebephrenic glee of an axe murderer”

Given all this direct mail, it should surprise no one that Golden has spent 58% of his funds on direct mail. On the other hand, I cannot make such a claim about Dave Marsden’s campaign, because we have not gotten diddley-squat from Dave. We have received multiple visits from folks primarily wanting us to volunteer for the campaign, but nothing related to issues.

Naturally, it comes as no surprise that Marden has spent a huge amount of his funds on staff, but a much smaller percentage on mailings:

This is nothing next to the repeated calls and hang-ups we are getting from the number 703.000.000. We got six calls from this number yesterday, and each time they hung up. The 7th time someone actually stayed on the line, we found it was a pollster.

So, however we end up voting, and likely our family will split our vote one way or the other, we are fed up with this election and are quite eager for Election Day to come so it will be over.

There. Glad I got that out my system.


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