Born Quitting?

For all his talk of being a fighter of the Scots-Irish bloodline, Mr. Webb apparently does have the ability to let personal anger get in the way sometimes. See for a view of the 1988 NY Times editorial discussing Webb’s resignation as Sec/Navy.

Not surpisingly, the folks at Raising Kaine ( see claim this is simply an attempt at “Swiftboating” Webb…setting aside the fact that RK has effectively become a Webb supported campaign blog, it takes little to recognize that the GOP quotes they offer to show Webb’s resignation was honorable are in fact the typical things that officials say to make a situation go away and not give any more attention to a quitter than they have to.

Of course, RK doesn’t go into the matter of why, if President Reagan thought Webb was right, did Reagan not sack Carlucci and keep Webb…so we will have to read and grin at this little bit of analytical two stepping by RK. On the other hand, we must guffaw at the thought of the GOP using the hated NY Times editorial page as a tool to attack an already weakened Jim Webb.


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