OK, I don’t get this…

Lucy, please ‘splain this to me…

Here in Northern Virginia, the Washington Post is doing all it can (and far more than it usually does) to pull democratic House candidates across the finish line first. It regularly praises Andrew Hurst, democratic candidate in Va-11, and seemingly attempted to create a scandal by writing a “if there is smoke, there must be fire…really, there must be” about incumbent GOP congressman Tom Davis, his wife, and alleged improper lobbying and insider dealing. Nothing has yet to come of it. They also regularly laud the fundraising talents of Judy Feder, who has amassed over $300,000 alone through the democrats ActBlue web portal…making her one of the leading money raisers through that avenue.

One would think from this that both the GOP NoVA congressman are in trouble. However, today the WaPo carries an article which notes that:

(A) The democrats now consider significantly more districts to be in play than at the beginning of the Summer
(B) The only Virginia congressional district now in play is VA 2, which is centered in Virginia Beach.

Seems like the Post had best get moving…because the rubber will hit the road at some point, and election day gets closer by the minute


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