For Breaker Morant fans…

One of my favorite movies is Breaker Morant, a story based on the execution of three Australiams serving in her majesty’s army during the Boer War. For a discussion of the legal aspects of the subject of this movie, go to here

The soldiers were in an anti-Kommando unit unit called the Bushveldt Carabineers and were court martialed for a variety of war crimes. Their defense was that they were operating under word of mouth orders that were sent along with authorization to do all possible to suppress Boer Kommandos. This included execution of prisoners, as they had no facilities in which to house them.

Edward Woodward, starring as the “Breaker”, is asked under what order they justified an execution of Boer prisoners. Morant replies, almost breaking at the injustice, “We caught them and we shot them under Rule 303”, referring to the Lee Enfield .303 Enfield rifles they carried.

Great movie, great movie, great movie…go rent it immediately.

Over the years I have used the term myself to refer to someone using force under assumed authority or sheer force. So imagine my amazement today when I…

A) come across a blog named Rule 303…and yes, he seems to be a strong second amendment guy…and no, he isn’t a Republican;…

B) and in poking around I, discovered the updated usage of the term.

Dang, I hate to be hip and not know it


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