I am Curious…Signage

Today and tomorrow is the Burke Centre Fall Festival. I will be there tomorrow in my roll as a Toastmaster poobah, enjoying our new slot near the kid rides. You see, the last two years we have been between the Democrats and the Republicans, and no one would visit us so as to avoid the politicos. We did better the two previous years when we had a table near the port-a-johns.

But today I was running errands, going to soccer games, picking up some beds to use so we could put all three WMD in their own bed and get WMD #3 out of his crib. I had cause to drive past the Conservancy grounds-the site of the festival-several times.

I noticed lots of Tom Davis signs, and a not insignificant number of Webb signs. There were no Allen signs and no Hurst signs.

I am curious…are there no unified local campaign efforts? Why would both parties go to the effort to put up signs for one candidate, but not the other?

I am sure there is an eminently logical reason for doing this…but it makes no sense to me.


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