Alas, I am out of step!

Here I am thinking the matter of interest in the national elections in general and in Virginia in particular is whether the GOP could energize its base.

How silly of me!

Apparently, I had the right idea, but the wrong party. See Tim Graham and CC and Ward Smyth for commentary on how it is the democrats in Virginia who have a base problem due to Jim Webb’s candidacy. The A-Team has it up too, but you probably figured that out.

Once again, I am stylishly out of step, like the time in graduate school I attended a wedding early one May morning.

I was resplendent in a tasteful blue seersucker suit, bow tie, and white ducks-perfect, I thought for the event, the time of day, and the weather-warm, but with a slight piedmont breeze. At the reception I was accosted by a Grand Dutchess of Etiquette who, fortified by several gin and tonics, thought it was proper to politely but pointedly mention that I–Faux Pas Alert!— was wearing white shoes before Memorial Day.

Still, just as that May day I thanked the Dutchess that day and calmly reached for more ham biscuits, today I will stick with my perspective and reach for my coffee. Webb’s affect-whatever it may be-stops at Virginia’s borders. The matter of the disaffection of the GOP base and the possibility of diminished turnout is in play in every federal election this fall.


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