Desperation Breeds Silliness

Craig Vitter reports that the Prince William County Democratic party claimed via the Internet that the special election in November 2006 was a choice where “Voters Have Chance to Stop Ladder-Climbing”

The post alleges Sean Connaughton only served as PWm County chair as a stepping stone for higher office, and suggests George Allen is doing the same with the Senate. The post goes on to tout Democratic nominee Sharon Pandak as chairman… “because she loves the County and wants to make it the best possible place to live, work, and play. She is not another ladder-climber.”

WOW…does this mean the Prince William County Democratic Committee is not supportive of the efforts of Mark Warner, who clearly used the position of Governor of Virginia as a stepping stone to run for US President?

Maybe this means the Committee will come out against State Senator Charles Colgan (D-Manassas) when he runs for re-election next year because he was serving as Chairman of the PW BOCS when he was elected to the Virginia State Senate!

I can only assume this means they will endorse the re-election of Republican Congressman Frank Wolf (Va-10), who was elected to his position in 1981 and has never voiced a desire to run for any other position. That course of action would make sense, wouldn’t it? It is certainly consistent with their reasoning!

Oh, Curse Those Dang Ladder Climbers!

I know I should lump this under the general title of political hypocrisy, but I get tired of the sad repetition of this charge when an elected official seeks another office. It seems that year in and year out:

*If a candidate you support is heading up the ladder, it is a result of leadership, skill, courage, etc.


*If a candidate you do not support is heading up the ladder, it is a result using previous positions solely as stepping stones for an overriding ambition.

It’s the same old political bloviation, just another election…and the only people who benefit are the ones who build keyboards…because the more of this stuff goes up, the faster the keyboards have to be replaced!


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