Santayana Nods…

Peggy Noonan has some interesting observations on this years elections in her article of 9.21.2006.

Now this does not apply to Virginia, obviously, as the words “macaca” and “blogger” and “Mom” and “noose” and “anti-semite” appear nowhere in the article. It is a discussion-albeit general-of issues. However, it does offer a perspective on the congressional elections as they are being fought in the other 49 states.

Bottom line-democratic candidates may be defining themselves simply by their opposition to President Bush as opposed to offering solutions. How will that work out?

Given that this is pretty much how the GOP fought the 1998 congressional elections-based in opposition to a president of the other party rather than offering ideas-I wonder how this plan will work this time around….it may also prove or disprove Santayana’s observation on the value of history.


2 thoughts on “Santayana Nods…

  1. It is once again, that you have written for the “blog readers” of the universe, what I have been thinking on this particular issue. I have met Mr. Rozell on a few occassions and I am awed by the fact that he continues to be allowed to teach and lecture on the political landscape of Virginia and the rest of our country and the comment in the post article is a prime example of how out of touch and out of step he is with what the political landscape. So, Bwana, I say to both you and our distinguished Jr. US Senator from Virginia…”Give ‘Em Hell!!!!”

    Bwana fan in Vienna

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