At the Net

There is nothing more exciting in tennis than two good serve and volley players at the net whacking away at each other…exciting, and good fun.

Today we see the same thing today in the Virginia Blogosphere…

At NotLarrySabato, Ben Tribbet reports a Salon article that quotes a classmate of George Allen who claims the Senator-as an undergraduate-used racist language.

Meanwhile, at Bearing Drift Jim Hoeft notes that the person making the claim is not exactly someone who passes the partisan smell test, and suggests that the rest of the article doesn’t show Allen to be the racist that Webb supporters claim him to be.

Editorial comment-Of course, this would be about the Webb supporters, because the Webb campaign won’t deign to say whether Webb thinks Allen is a racist.

Making the most sense is Chris at Mason Conservative, who echoes my frustration that this campaign will hinge not on issues, or what either candidate wants to do in the next six years-instead it is going to hinge on whether or not voters think Allen is a racist…and the blogosphere has contributed significantly to this condition.


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