Fall 2006 Virginia Blogosphere Book Fair-Virginia Books

Welcome to the Fall 2006 Virginia Blogosphere Book Fair!

This serves as an effort to provide the denizens of the blogosphere to lay down their partisan cudgels and share intellectual sustenance by telling the world what books they have been reading recently or books they recommend others read.

Today we invite you to Part One of the Book Fair, a selection devoted solely to books about Virginia Politics. This is in great part a repeat of a post in the New-Domnion blog from November 2005. This post is still up, and the original included submission comments about why various books were must read books.

In addition to those entries, there are new biographies that have come out in the last year about Virginia politics, politicians, or history, and they are listed at the end of the post.

Since posting this list 30 minutes ago, I was asked to include hyperlinks for them. This is a lengthy list, and many of the books are no longer in print-which would necessitate an internet search anyway. So, I will take an intermediate step for now and hyperlink all the new books (plus the initial Frank Atkinson book, which has just been re-released). I will add links to the other titles as I get the opportunity.

Peruse, enjoy, and stay tuned for Part Two-Current Books grouped by subject-and part Three-Current books grouped by submitting bloggers

Notes on the State of Virginia by Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson and his Time (biography in six volumes) by Dumas Malone

General Virginia History (including fiction)

Virginia: the New Dominion by Virginius Dabney

The Shad Treatment by Garrett Epps

Southern Politics in State and Nation (V. O. Key’s , 1949)

Changing Politics of the South, focus on Ralph Eisenberg chapter on Virginia

Conversations with Colgate (by Guy Fridell)

The Governors of Virginia, 1860–1978 Edward Younger and James T. Moore, eds.

The Transformation of Southern Politics: Social change and political consequence since 1945 by Jack Bass

Early Virginia and Revolutionary Era:

A Little Parliament: the Virginia General Assembly in the 17th Century by Warren Billings

Antebellum Period:

Pistols and Pointed Pens: The Dueling Editors of Old Virginia by Virginius Dabney (I hope the Allen and Webb bloggers do not get crazy ideas at ten paces!)

John Randolph of Roanoke: A Study in American Politics, With Selected Speeches and Letters by Russell Kirk

Senator James Murray Mason: Defender of the Old South by Robert W. Young

Roots of Secession: Slavery and Politics in Antebellum Virginia by William A. Link

Reconstruction through the Martin Organization:

Bourbonism to Byrd by Alan Moger

Westmoreland Davis: Planter-Politician by Jack Temple Kirby

Dry Messiah by Virginius Dabney

The Byrd Era:

Harry Byrd and the Changing Face of Virginia Politics: 1945-1966 by (none other than 4th Circuit Court Judge) J. Harvie Wilkinson, III

Harry Byrd of Virginia by Ronald L. Heinemann

Virginia and the New Deal (y Ronald L. Heinemann)

Bill Tuck, a political life in Harry Byrd’s Virginia by William Bryan Crawley

J. Lindsay Almond: Virginia’s Reluctant Rebel by Ben Beagle and Ozzie Osbourne

A Man from the Valley by Francis Pickens Miller

The Crisis of Conservative Virginia: The Byrd organization and the Politics of Massive Resistance (Twentieth-century America series) by James W Ely

The Rise of Massive Resistance: Race and Politics in the South During the 1950s by Numan V. Bartley

Modern Developments:

The Dynamic Dominion: Realignment and the Rise of Virginia’s Republican Party Since 1945 by Frank Atkinson

—–Books about Doug Wilder—–
When Hell Froze Over by Dwayne Yancey
Claiming the Dream Margaret Edds
Hold Fast to Dreams Donald Baker

Sarge Reynolds: In the Time of His Life by Andy McCutcheon and Michael P. Gleason

—–Works by Larry Sabato, including: —–
Virginia Votes (all volumes)
The Democratic Party Primary in Virginia: Tantamount to Election No Longer
Virginia Government and Politics: Readings and Comments (co-authored by Thomas Morris of Emory and Henry).

Campaign Dynamics by Thomas Carsey (due to section on 1993 Virginia Gubernatorial campaign)

Notes from the Sausage Factory by our friends at Bacon’s Rebellion

Recent Works and Additions to the above list:

Virginia in the Vanguard: Political Leadership in the 400-Year-Old Cradle of American Democracy, 1981-2006 by Frank Atkinson…a continuation of his earlier work on the Virginia Politics

John Tyler, the Accidental President by Edward Crapol. Heartily endorsed by The Mason Conservative, who offers a full review.

George Mason, Forgotten Founder by Jeff Broadwater, and submitted by Norm Leahy. His comment: “I haven’t finished reading it… but I can tell … that this will become a must-read for anyone who wishes to have a better understanding of one of the most important and principled members of the founding generation.”

Claude A. Swanson of Virginia: A Political Biography by Henry C., Jr. Ferrell. Biography of the man with the plan between the death of Tom Martin and the rise of Harry Byrd.

Carter Glass: A Biography by Rixey Smith and Norman Beasely. Account of the life of the man who was the Father of the Federal Reserve, congressman, and US Senator.

Feel free to add to this list by submitting additional titles via the comments!


4 thoughts on “Fall 2006 Virginia Blogosphere Book Fair-Virginia Books

  1. Cool list, Bwana. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, perhaps you could link to the book pages at Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

  2. You should include “Virginia’s Massive Resistance” by Benjamin Muse. Muse was a Republican from NoVa who ran for lt. Governor in the early 50’s.

    Much of Wilkinson’s book tracks Muse.

  3. Good point, although I thought Muse ran against Darden in the early 1940’s. Ted Dalton was the GOP nominee in 1953 and 1957…

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