Healthcare Hypocrisy

In the midst of the Allen-Weber madness, something happens in politics that make sme smile…and I must thank the Richmond War Room for pointing the way.

Judy Feder is running against GOP incumbent congressman Frank Wolf in the Va10 congressional district. As detailed at Richmond War Room, Ms. Feder has created an attack page off her website. And she really wants an issue to run on, but no matter which way she turns she gets no traction.

And although I live in the 11th district, watching her has been fun…and her site provides more giggles.

Ms. Feder has attacked Mr. Wolf for supporting big oil. She then tried to lump in donations from oil company employees and also a Manassas family business that sells heating fuel oil to make her argument. Not only did she not successfully make the connection, her gas station photo op fell apart as gas prices fell. Of course, it didn’t help that she has gotten more $$ in this cycle from liberal health care advocates than Mr. Wolf has gotten from so-called “big oil” in his entire career.

Then, in a speech available on YouTube, she criticized legislators who do nothing to stop traffic congestion by slowing development…ignoring the Hallowed Ground historic district that Frank Wolf co-sponsored that will aid historic preservation by slowing willy nilly development. Two birds for the price of one!

Of course, she gave that speech outside her district, so maybe she was refering to Someone else.

Now, on her new site, she attacks Mr. Wolf for being wrong on healthcare.

I imagine her charge would make more sense if one did not know that Mrs. Feder was lead staff member for Hillary Clinton in creating a new national health care plan that would let the government decide what doctor you could go to, that was exorbitantly expensive, and was so bad that the package was Dead b-4 arrival on capitol hill.

I appreciate that Mrs. Feder is desperate to find an issue that will allow her to get some traction. However, I seriously doubt that healthcare is going to be a winner for her…because every time she talks about Mr. Wolf’s track record on health care, Wolf will talk about hers.

…and I think we all know who is going to get the better of that discussion!


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