Big weekend for Non Visible Sports

I am a competition guy, and have been since I was a kid. I follow Div 1A college football and basketball (living and dieing with the ACC season), but I am a die hard Redskins fan, and have more than a passing interest in golf and tennis, and every season follow each pitch of the World Series.

However, my real thrill has always been in events I participate in, which tend to be the Non-Visible sports or competitions…and the world is are now fully loaded with them.

The World Chess Championship is taking now in Elista, Russia between Bulgarian GM Vladimir Topalov and Russian GM Vladimir Kramnik. Kramnik leads 3-1 in a 12 game match, but Topalov has essentially accused Kramnik of cheating and is threatening to bail.

In Las Vegas, the professional bodybuilding world is gathered for the Mr. Olympia competition, waiting to see if Ronnie Coleman can win an unprecedented ninth consecutive Mr. Olympia title.

On the small scale gridiron, my alma mater takes on the Bow Ties of Hampden Sydney College in a homecoming showdown at Jopson Field in Bridgewater, Virginia. BC is riding a 35 conference game winning streak within the Old Dominion Athletic Conference.

Oh, and there is that small, ongoing matter of an election campaign…


One thought on “Big weekend for Non Visible Sports

  1. Good luck to ole Bridgewater College and after the big win you can go to Harrisonburg and commune with Jess for chili dogs and golden nectar (although not too much, be wary of your gout!)
    Good Luck to all of the Virginia Schools facing bitter rivals.

    And last but in no means least…GOOOOOOOOO Skins!!!

    Have fun and safe travel!!

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