Newest Silliness over Gas Prices

Of the many silly screeds making the rounds this election season, the one I find to be cheerfully ridiculous is that gas prices are falling as we head toward election day to help Republican candidates.

Of course, the only problem with this inane idea is that if you believe that the GOP has enough pull to lower gas prices, then logically you have to believe they used that same pull to drive up gas prices to over $3.00 and suffer political ills as a result.

This is a silly issue and a silly proposition. What isn’t silly is the fact that fuel flucuation like hurts us all. It makes it more difficult to manage our family budgets, and increased gas prices lead to increased transportation costs which are inevitably passed on to the consumer.

What we need, and neither the GOP or Democrats are willing to offer, is a reasonable energy plan that can make this country less dependent on other parts of the world…but that will likely happen about the same time that the Democratic conspiracy nuts stop attributing supernatural pricing power to the Republicans.


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