Cutler wins, and NLS ticks ’em off-just another quiet Sunday AM!

Last night Jay Cutler won the Sandow Cup and the title of Mr. Olympia, making him the champion bodybuilder in the world. His victory dethroned Eight time winner Ronnie Coleman, and is a shot heard around the rarefied climes of bodybuilding.

Back in Virginia, we have an event ocurring that is perhaps less earthshaking but of massive importance for the reporting of campaigns…and our good friend Ben Tribbett of NLS fame is in the center of it.

As reported at Hampton Roads Politics, Brother Ben got and printed Mason-Dixon poll reports late last week that were embargoed for use in print publications until tomorrow. The MSM print media ain’t too happy about it.

Naturally, all Webb campaign staffers denied leaking the results. The HRP use of a “Family Circus” cartoon to illustrate the denials reminds me a scene in Household Bwana right after She Who Must Be Obeyed finds something amiss, like a toilet seat that has not been returned to the resting position.

Aside from drive up the NLS hit count, this is yet another example of how the blogosphere is still the wild west of electronic communication. Bloggers are not necessarily bound by the rules of MSM journalists, and offer an alternative and sometimes unconventional method to circulate information. The James Webb campaign certainly has been on the cutting edge of using the blogosphere to prime the MSM for opposition attacks, a task the Washington Post has certainly taken to with a joyful glee.

The ongoing suit between Steve Chapman and the current proprieters of the Black Velvet Bruce Li webblog may set the first limits of what will certainly be some kind of clamp on web commmunications. But until then, the web and webblogs offer a direct and unfiltered line of communication to the reader.

So enjoy!


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