Will It Be the Turning Point?

Prediction: If George Allen wins in November, then October 2, 2006 will be seen as the turning point.

Not because of the two minute speech stanched the bleeding and cauterized the wound-even if the speech did just that.

No, it will be because James Webb did not have the desire or courage to be interviewed after the broadcast. Mr. Webb has hidden behind his staff this entire campaign, and being interviewed instead of again hiding could have been a bold move to dump the burden back on George Allen.

The Webb campaign had to have an idea of what Allen was going to say. They had to know he would claim the campaign needed to get back to issues. Why not be ready with a debate proposal? Say something like:

“I am completely in accord with my opponent’s desire to get back to a spirited debate on issues. That is probably because his attacks on my positions on [fill in the issue] have not worked. Since my opponent has decided he is ready to discuss issues, I look forward the chance to meet him in debate at [fill in the locations] so all Virginians can hear and compare our positions on the issues facing our great Commonwealth.”

Instead, we get Webb spin-meisters who insult Allen and the brief presentation.

If Webb is unwilling to quit hiding behind his staffers, then he is not worthy of serving in the US Senate.


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