Will This Change Our Breakfast Discussion?

Growing up my father assisted my intellectual development through breakfast discussions of an assortment of wide ranging topics. With rare exception the topics changed as I grew up. The single consistent topics were “How do the Redskins do this week/season/off-season?” and “What was the cause of the War Between the States?”

His point of reference can be inferred by the name he uses to describe what is still sometimes labeled in Richmond as “The Recent Unpleasantness”.

He felt that the war was about States Rights. Dad based his belief in great part on the fact that Lincoln did not issue the Emanciption Proclamation until the end of 1862, and even then it did not apply to areas not in rebellion against the USA. I said the cause was slavery, as every reason that is offered from states rights to westward expansion to tariff’s had slavery involved as a root factor.

Our discussion goes on still, a testimony to the ability of generations to lock horns over any matter. Given that our country has not reached complete agreement on this subject of discussion, I guess it is no surprise we have not reached a resolution.

Today the Washington Post has a story on a new museum in Richmond. The American Civil War Center looks at the Civil War from the perspective of North, South, and African American, and seeks new answers to some complex questions that still bedevil our country more than 140 years after Appomattox.

I intend to visit this instituion. Maybe it can help Dad and me end this discussion and move on to subjects on which we completely agree.

You know, subjects like why the Dallas Cowboys are truly satan’s spawn on earth and are in league with Lucifer.

And for anyone who disagrees with that statement, I have only two words: Clint Longley


One thought on “Will This Change Our Breakfast Discussion?

  1. I agree, Bwana, and Satan children got their just desserts in the City of Brotherly Love yesterday. It is unfortunate that God chosen few couldn’t come up with a win in New York.

    With regard to the Recent Unpleasantness, sounds like me and the good doctor agree. TTFN

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