Jim Webb is Listening to Me…sort of

Candidates for political office have to put disclaimers on printed material, and offer oral disclaimers on television ad’s. Recently the candidates themselves have begun delivering the disclaimers for televsion material.

I have long thought these folks were missing an opportunity, and Jim Webb has heard my thinking.

Most candidates finish their ad’s with something like “My name is x, and I approved this ad”. It struck me once that this close was too cold, and saying something substantive after their name could make for a better and more focused appeareance.

Jim Webb has done so…in his latest advertisement against George Allen he closes with [paraphrase to the best of my recollection] “I’m Jim Webb, and I approved this message because we need a leader in the Senate, not a follower”.

Great idea, great use of television time…

Now only if Mr. Webb could muster the leadership strength he says he will use in the Senate to deal with his staffers with the same decisiveness that Ben Cardin has used in Maryland. When that happens, we will know he is really listening to me.


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