Al Groh is brilliantly blind

In today’s Washington Post sports section, Al Groh is goes on about how he knows more about fans than fans know about coaching. He says (in part):

“Let me put it to you this way,” Groh said. “I fly on a lot of airplanes. Just because I fly on airplanes doesn’t qualify me to be a pilot. I own stocks. Just because I own stocks doesn’t mean I have any idea how and why my broker does things. I don’t have any opinion on what the pilot should do, whether he should have flown at 35,000 feet, 15,000 feet. I don’t have any opinion. I say, ‘He’s proven. He’s got all the facts. He knows what he’s doing. He knows a lot more about it than I do. So let him fly the plane.’

It is a pity that Coach Groh is so woefully uninformed about how his investments are handled. I guess that given the huge contract extension he got he probably feels he does not have cause for concern.

Nonetheless, even Coach Groh would concede that if said stockbroker or pilot was not doing the job, Groh would seek a replacement who was up to the job.

That being the case, no matter how much Coach Groh knows or thinks he knows about coaching, I trust he will understand completely when he is shown the door after this season.


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