Phil Kellam Phoolishness

There are several lens through which I view the 2006 elections. One of them is a certainty that that the biggest risk for GOP candidates is not of GOP voters going Democrat but of GOP voters not voting at all (something I have written of in previous entries).

Apparently my thoughts on the subject are not shared by Virginia Democrats in the second district of Virginia

Democratic congressional candidate Phil Kellam has unleashed an advertisement that attacks GOP incumbent Thelma Drake (Va 2) for her opposition to stem cell research. The advertisement is made by a democratic advocacy group, and has three actors (young man, 30-ish woman, little girl) stating they will face situations they will face down the road (traffic accident, alzheimer, cancer) where stem cell research could provide medical options that would save them, closing with the question “who gave Thelma Drake the right to decide who lives and who dies?”

When this election is over, and Mr. Kellam has lost to Mrs. Drake after a surprisingly large turnout among conservative voters, this advertisement will rank right behind “macaca” as the stupidest move of the campaign.

Why? Because this is waving a red flag to evangelicals and social conservatives to come out and vote. In an atmosphere that is poisonous for GOP candidates, when there are a bazillion articles in the MSM, online, and in the blogosphere detailing voter base unhappiness with GOP candidates, why do anything to encourage them? Why fire up the other guys base?

The fact that the matter is presented in such a visceral manner does not help…except the length of the spot diminshes the impact.

Advantage, GOP


One thought on “Phil Kellam Phoolishness

  1. Well, who ever said the Kellums were bright folks. This is the same Virginia Beach family that sought a merger of between the Town of Virginia Beach and Princess Anne County, to make what now is the “City”, but then turnaround and said there must be a greenline with repsect to development, only they did this after all of the Kellum property had been rezoned and they family became richer then that already were.
    Oh, well, for this election anything that will help gin up the base, then I am all for it!!! Good call Bwana!!

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