Meanwhile, back in the 11th, what about Hurst?

It is late and I am having trouble sleeping, so I thought I would share a little thought that came to mind the other day.

I speculated previously about what happens in the 11th in 2008, and now Mark Warner’s move to not run in 2008 makes it even murkier-at least on the Democratic side. I think by 2008 it will be obvious that Warner will be running for Governor in 2009, which means that folks like Creigh Deeds and Leslie Byrne will be blocked from a potential run for governor in 2009.

This development may mean that Leslie Byrne might be more amenable to a run for congress in the 11th district, a seat she held in 1993-1995, even though it is common knowledge that Gerry Connolly wants to run for that seat.

And this doesn’t cover the possibility of a Chap Peterson candidacy following a win over Jean Marie Devolites Davis in a state Senate campaign in 2007. Yes, I am changing my tune on that one.

So that’s Gerry, Leslie, and possibly Chap! running for that spot.

So what happens to Andrew Hurst? How well does he have to do this year to get a shot in 2008?

Yes, I know the election is not over. He can still actually win. However, he is getting crushed by Tom Davis in fundraising (latest numbers show Rep. Tom Davis (R)- Raised $365,441 with $1,515,904 on hand; Andy Hurst (D)- Raised $118,145 with $74,342 on hand), has not made it onto television, and if signage is any indicator is woefully short of manpower in many areas of the 11th. Davis is running hard and not taking anything for granted.

So, short of winning, what does Bro Hurst have to do be on the ballot again in 2008? We know the 11th district democrats are not a sentimental bunch…they denied their 2004 nominee Ken Longmeyer a chance for a 2006 rematch when they selected Hurst.

So, if Hurst does not win, does he have any shot at a nomination in 2008?


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