WaPo scores a Hat Trick for Webb Candidacy!

Today I tip my hat to the Washington Post.

We all know they are for Webb, and today they finally dropped any pretense of being objective in its coverage of the Senate race, as they were able to put three different pro-Webb pieces in today’s paper.

But the amazing and applaudable thing is their creativity…they managed to drop the articles into three different sections!

There was a pro-Webb article in the Style section, another pro-Webb piece in the Metro section, and finally an Editorial endorsement in the A-section.

As I said before, the real financial picture of this campaign will not be truly accurate until the Webb campaign has to report some kind of in-kind contribution from the WaPo for all its coverage of his campaign.


2 thoughts on “WaPo scores a Hat Trick for Webb Candidacy!

  1. And this little gem, about all those real, but stupid, Virginians who probably support George Allen:

    After over 200 articles on macaca, and 3 negative articles per day against the George Allen, and thousands of complaints about their constant bashing of Allen, the WaPO has now gone positive. We can now expect 3 positive articles a day praising their guy Webb.

    Could they be more obvious or more partisan?

  2. Well, I am a little more willing to let them off on the NoVa/RoVa article, if only because I have concocted my share of jokes for speeches and presentations that I knew were brilliant and then fell flat on delivery…like this one did.

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