Wolf v. Feder-Field Reports

Republican Congressman Frank Wolf and Democratic challenger Judy Feder went at it last night in a debate at the Dulles Hyatt. They were joined by Libertarian party candidate Wilbur Wood and Independent candidate Neeraj Nigam.

All questions were addressed to and answered by each candidate, with a rotation amoung the candidates as to who answered each question first. Every candidate apparently had one rebuttal opportunity they could use at a moment of their choosing.

There are a variety of sources to check in with…there are MSM reports from the Washington Post and the Northern Virgina Daily. News Channel 8 will be replaying the debate in the days ahead.

For a purely partisan take on the debate, hop over to RK, where a claim is made for a Feder knockout, as well as a suggestion that Mr. Wolf has Tourette’s Syndrome…glad to see the use of ad hominem attacks has not gone out of style.

Both BVBL.net and Richmond War Room also offer reports that challenge the RK report.

High Points (as garnered from other postings):

Mrs. Feder repeatedly challenged Congressman Wolf on Iraq and the Wolf Commission, and Congressman Wolf noted that (correctly, to my knowledge) that at present this is seen in most corners as presenting the best way to create an orderly disengagemenet from Iraq, without regard to party concern. Mrs. Feder replied to the affect “Isn’t that what Congress is supposed to be doing anyway?”

Mrs. Feder attacked Congressman Wolf over the Mark Foley matter, and after Wolf noted no one had ever challenged his ethics Mr. Wood chided Mrs. Feder for hypocrisy, noting that the scandals in Congress have been going on for generations under both Democratic and Republican majorities.

After stating that she agreed with President Bush’s Immigration plan, Mrs. Feder learned that she had mischaracterized Congressman Wolf on the matter-he is not in favor of the plan, as it does not do enough to guard our borders.

Congressman Wolf produced a letter from a constituent who voiced her praise for the current senior citizen prescription plan and her concerns that Mrs. Feder wanted to end a program that had worked well for her. (Bwana disclaimer-my father is up there in years, uses the federal plan, and has considered a marvel and a real money saver)

The Feder partisans have claimed it a clear win, and the Wolf partisans will certainly claim a KO for the Congressman.


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