Candidate Domain Names and a Hypothetical Question

Kenton Ngo posts on a GOP candidate who neglected to purchase a simple domain name, and whose opponent purchased it and now uses it as an attack site…or is that oppo information opportunity site? 😉

Kenton urges candidates to be sure to register all the various sites that could be used to support a candidate to avoid this kind of thing.

Following Kenton’s line of thinking, I offer a hypothetical question to see what sites a candidate should look to get.

I decide to run for Congress. What domain names should Bwana register for? Obvious ideas would be things like:


So, beyond the really obvious ones, and using Bwana as the candidate, what domain names should a candidate register for to either support his/her candidacy, remove it from use by the opposition, or both?

We won’t worry about whether they are .com/.net/ etc…and let’s just assume that any suggestion that includes physiologically impossible acts will not pass the moderation process.

So, have at it!


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