Esquire Endorsements-Only Effective GOP Need Apply

Yesterday I received my November 2006 issue of Esquire magazine, and read the article where the magazine endorses in every congressional race this year. In Virginia they picked (page 207):

Senate (*incumbent)/[Unopposed]=no major party opposition

James Webb (D)

House (*incumbent)/[Unopposed]=no major party opposition
1-Jo Ann Davis* (R)
2-Phil Kellam (D)
3-Bobby Scott* (D) [Unopposed]
4-Randy Forbes* (R), Although unopposed, Esquire urged voting for write-in candidates
5-Al Weed (D)
6-Bob Goodlatte* (R) [Unopposed]
7-Jim Nachman (D)
8-Tom O’Donohue (R)
9-Rich Boucher* (D)
10-Frank Wolf* (R)
11-Tom Davis* (R)

There seem to be three types of endorsements.

The alternative has to be better than the incumbent: Esquire came out against various candidates of both parties due to incumbent challenges ranging from ethics to Iraq. Only Kellam in Va 2 received anything near a positive endorsement over an incumbent.

The incumbent reeks: Esquire endorsed anyone over Randy Forbes dues to his “ignorant views”

Keep these folks, because they rock!: Esquire endorsements of J. Davis, Scott, Boucher, T. Davis, and Wolf were all based in positive assessments of what they have accomplished as opposed to the weaknesses of their opponents. Those who have read the endorsements sugggest that the strongest of the Virginia House endorsements went to Frank Wolf in Va-10:

“Frank Wolf is an exemplary representative: genuinely anti-pork, a committed defender of humanrights, and thoughtful-rather than loud-on security issues.”

With and endorsement like that, perhaps Esquire would be willing to take on the PR responsibilities for the Wolf campaign…


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