Democratic HQ now the Land of Lincoln

For the longest time it seemed that the Democratic Party in the Blue States and the way it is pictured settled either in NYC (Hillary) or SF (Pelosi).

However, at this moment the spotlight is focused on Illinois.


Consider the recent spate of articles on the presidential prospects of Barack Obama (D-IL), elected in 2004 and apparently on the verge of a candidacy in 2008. I don’t know the affect of such a thing, but this could create a Democratic brawl if Hillary Clinton decides to gun for the nomination.

Consider also the attention being given to Rahm Emanuel, Congressman from the City of the Big Shoulders, former Clintonista, and current Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Emanuel is the driving force behind the Democratic surge to take control of the House of Representatives next month.

Students of the Senate know the current wisdom is that a presidential campaign from the Senate must be launched early in one’s career so as not to be weighed down by several terms worth of procedural votes. Students of House know that a stellar performance as chairman of either party’s campaign committee typically paves the way to bigger things.

I have to wonder, though, with two such large personalities, two men so determined to succeed, what is the likelihood of an Obama-Emanuel struggle down the road? Especially if Obama runs for the Democratic nomination? Will Emanuel back the hometown hero, especially as it might open a Senate seat he could run for? Will Emanuel back the old time heroine, and follow the Clinton’s siren call?

We shall seeeeee!


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