In Virginia’s 50th, Has Bruce Roemmelt Given up the Fight?????

As has been said elsewhere, “logic and linkages…”

I’ve never met Bruce Roehmelt. He seems like a nice enough guy, and I have the utmost respect for anyone who has picked up a weapon and stood a post. In fact, it appears he was in Southeast Asia about the same time as my father-in-law, father of SWMBO. Bruce is certainly devoted to his friends and to his causes, and will fight to the last ditch as long as there existed any chance of them winning.

Needless to say, when I saw his post earlier today claiming Jackson Miller would vote “No” on the marriage amendment, I was confused. All indications are that Miller is voting “Yes”, and Bruce R. does not seem like one of those folks who believe that members of any denomination must blindly follow in lockstep the all the tenets of their faith…can you imagine Bruce saying a Catholic politico must be Pro-Life? Why would he assume that Miller would not follow his own mind?

I knew something must be up…and then it came to me—Bruce has given up the ghost in the 50th House District election.

Why this conclusion? Here goes my reasoning…

*Bruce is a fierce fighter;

*Bruce is a fierce supporter of Jeanette Rishell in her campaign against Jackson Miller in the special election for the VA-50 House of Delegates seat;

*Bruce has energetically spoken up for the candidates of his choice this election cycle;

*Bruce seems like the type who will fight with all his might until there is no chance of winning;

*Bruce has to know so many of this year’s races are extremely close, and will rise or fall on GOTV

*It has been claimed that the Va-50 race is one of those races

*Yet at the 11th hour, Bruce is spending time coming up with a post-likely an attempt at humor-making claims about how Jackson Miller will vote regarding a constitutional amendment instead of spending that time working to elect his candidates.

Why? Why waste time like that?

He must have decided his folks have no chance of winning, especially Ms. Rishell.

And since they have no chance of winning, why waste time with more campaigning? Better to spend the time luring folks in with the promise of a big announcement, then pull off an early November “April Fool” joke by making an assertion about Rishell’s opponent that no one will believe.

Could all this be true?

So to Bruce R I say, thanks. First the miraculous ‘Skins victory and now this. What a great first indicator of a Miller win on 11.7.2006.

And remember…imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! 😉


4 thoughts on “In Virginia’s 50th, Has Bruce Roemmelt Given up the Fight?????

  1. Bwana,

    i am flattered. and tired. i canvassed all weekdend for Jeanette and then worked the phones for fire fighters for Webb monday.

    tuesday—up and at em putting signs out in my MD at 0300. worked the Evergreen poll from 0600 to 1900. all in my bright yellow and black “Fire Fighters for Webb” t-shirt. only got soaked a few times. voted.

    then slogged through the rain to Jeanettes party (after a quad latte) and also Sharon’s party. i was very proud of both and worked (as you said) very hard for both (as well as vote no, feder and hurst)

    two things make the difference – meeting voters and raising money. jeanette rocked on the first and was not even competitive $$$ wise. jackson pushed the magic button and with no effort cranked out the big bucks. the value of being an R in VA. but i did have her back the whole way.

    home at midnight, for the late Webb numbers (guess the shirt worked)

    through all of that i had time for a bit of tongue in cheek. when you write a dissertation, cranking out a few humdred words is not a big deal.

    now on to 2007…


  2. Bruce-you are absolutely right, and in my post election comments I congratulate both Rishell and Hurst for running stronger than I expected.

    However, I do not imagine that her job will be easier in November 2007 when Miller has incumbency behind him and a Colgan senate candidacy will likely bring out the old line PWCo residents who will have more in common with Miller than Rishell.

    Unless, of course, Colgan doesn’t and instead the Democrats run a navy vet PhD instead!

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