Words of Wisdom…

In the wake of the GOP losses there will be lots of fingerpointing in the weeks ahead…however, I find myself agreeing with Tom Coburn, GOP Senator from Oklahoma, and his analysis of the recent election and future political paths for both parties:

“Some have said that Republicans and Democrats now need to govern from the middle. I disagree,…We do not need to govern from the center as much as we need to govern from conscience. When politicians have the courage to argue their convictions and lose their political lives in an honest battle of ideas, the best policies will prevail.”

“The American people do want civility, but they also want real debate. Civility does not mean an absence of conflict, but a return of honor and dignity in our politics. Voters are bored and tired of partisan role playing in Washington. …One of the great paradoxes in politics is that governing to maintain power is the surest way to lose it. Republicans have the ideas to solve our greatest challenges. If we focus on ideas, our majority status will take care of itself.”



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