George Allen-What the Future Holds…

Rust never sleeps, and neither does political prognostication…

George Allen has conceded, and at first glance his political prospects are in a shambles.

However, I have a hunch he is in St. Barton’s mode, as related in the old verse:

From: St. Barton’s Ode

‘Fight on, my men!’ says Sir Andrew Barton,
‘I am hurt, but I am not slain;
I’le lay me downe and bleed a-while,
And then I’le rise and fight again. LXVI

With Tom Davis in the wings, fresh off a successful reelection effort and potentially offering the GOP the NoVA antidote they need, it is likely too much to think of George Allen running in 2008 in the event of a John Warner retirement.

However, in six years Allen will be the same age as Jim Webb is now. Six years to burnish his reputation. Six years to raise money for candidates across Virginia, where he clearly still has enormous support.

I suggest that is what is going to happen…save your Allen stuff, because 2012 is right around the corner.


2 thoughts on “George Allen-What the Future Holds…

  1. Well, Bwana, let me propose another option. Mr. Allen said at one time, both as a congressman and as a US Senator, that being in Congress is not as much fun as serving the people of Virginia. George loved being Governor, his light really shined when he was. I would look for the former Governor Allen to run for Governor again in 2009. The two most likely other candidates, being current Attorney General Bob McDonnell and Lt Gov. Bill Bolling, might not be happy about that and Bolling might not sit back quietly, but I say look George to be the Republican nominee for Governor in 2009.
    Let’s anayze the George Allen we know and love (or at least some of us still do!) While being a U.S. Senator is a very powerful political post in American Politics, in the actual job, you are one of 535 members of Congress. Just another legislator for everyone to deal with. George likes to be in charge and run things, he is much like the late Coach Allen (may God rest his soul) As Governor of Virginia, you are in charge and can shape policy and as recent history suggests, the Governors mansions of this country seem to be a better spring board to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, then the US Congress.
    Just my opinion Bwana, but, I think it deserves equal consideration and knowing the players, is the more likely scenario.
    This would also guaranty our friend Mr. Davis a GOP nomination fight for the US Senate from another former Governor….Jim Gilmore.

    Bwana Fan in Vienna

  2. Well, BFV, we are in agreement that some folks are simply not going to be happy in the legislative branch. They are by nature folks who want to be making things happen rather than making the rules by which they will happen. That is exactly why I think Mark Warner will not be a candidate for the US Senate in 2008…

    …and also why I am not convinced that Jim Gillmore will be a candidate, either. He has never served, nor has he shown an interest, in serving in the legislature. I still see Allen gunning for a rematch with Webb and perhaps Gilmore looking for the governor’s mansion in 2009.

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