…and the Leadership Fertilizer Hits the Windmill!

With the elections done, one might have thought that the only excitement to be encountered between now and the swearing in of the new congress is fighting the mall crowds during Christmas shopping season.

Thank goodness for those crazy California liberals to keep things interesting!

Speaker presumptive Nancy Pelosi (CA) has endorsed Jack Murtha (PA) for Majority Leader over Steny Hoyer (MD). You may recall Pelosi defeated Hoyer for Democratic Leader four years ago.
Hoyer responded:

“Nancy told me some time ago that she would personally support Jack,” Hoyer said. “I respect her decision, as the two are very close. I am grateful for the support I have from my colleagues, and have the majority of the caucus supporting me. I look forward to working with Speaker Pelosi as majority leader.”

Hoyer seems to have amassed significant support, and his backers note the letter is a letter of personal intent and not a letter asking members to support Murtha.

***But why put out such a letter if she is not actively pushing for Murtha?
***If it really is the case that that this is just a favor for an old friend, is Pelosi really savvy enough to be Speaker?
***If Hoyer has decisive support, what is the benefit of Pelosi stating publicly she will not be supporting him?
***Is this some type of in-house move that will cause a fast shift of support to the Murtha column?

Fasten your seatbelts, looks like it is going to be a bumpy ride!


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