Democrats Wishful Thinking about Wolf

It seems that Democrats have transitioned from supreme confidence they could beat Frank Wolf in Virginia 10 to engaging in some supremely silly wishful thinking.

A story appeared at the Swing State Project diary, which then got picked up by the Daily Kos, which lead to a WTF? type of post at the Richmond War Room.

Someone has the idea that Congressman Wolf is on the verge of retirement, and lists Virginia 10 as a possible democratic pickup as a result.

H,mmm…there is a term for this…wait…it’s coming to me…wait for it…

Oh, yeah! It is called Wishful Thinking!

Having just won a very strong victory against a well funded opponent in a heavily democratic year, one would not likely think of Congressman Wolf as a likely retiree. In a lengthy discussion in a Raising Kaine diary it was conceded even by democratic partisans that Wolf is a difficult opponent because he is clean as a hounds tooth and great with constituent service, and that the seat is likely his until he retires…which is not the same thing as saying he is about to retire!

I understand why they think Dennis Hastert will retire. He is in the minority, and as a result is no longer Speaker of the House. He chosen not to run for GOP Leader in the new session, and has really shown no passion for any issue beyond the accumulation of GOP power. Hastert retire? Good call.

Congressman Wolf is cut from a different bolt of cloth.

A)In the minority? So what? He spent the first half of his time in Congress in the minority.
B) Issues involvement? His passion for human rights is real and unquenchable. His introduction of a bipartisan “Iraq solution” commission is indicative of a man who is in office to find solutions…and who can best find those solutions by staying in office.
C)Intangibles You have got to want to serve in public office. The intrusions into your public life and the personal sacrifices that occur mean that you cannot be an effective elected official unless you want to be there. Frank Wolf has said numerous times it was his childhood ambition to serve in Congress. He has called it his “dream job”. He has never once shown an interest in running for statewide office-he holds the office he wants to hold.

Call me crazy, but this does not sound to me like a man who will be retiring any time soon.


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