Just When I Thought Things Would be Civil

The WaPo reports that Speaker Presumptive Pelosi is trying to strong arm democrats into voting for Murtha for Majority Leader. Democrats are angered that Pelosi forces are allegedly urging folks who have committed to Hoyer to vote for Murtha, noting “it’s a secret ballot”. Committee appointments

Many are upset that Murtha, with his questionable ethics past, was recently heard demeaning the Democrats legislative ethics package that ultimately he will be in charge of getting passed.

In other news, that Tower of Ethics Charles Rangel (D-NY), fresh from insulting the State of Mississippi, now says his extensive praise for Hoyer in a recent interview was not really an endorsement.

As I noted previously, Pelosi’s support of Murtha speaks highly of her sense of loyalty (or of her hatred of Steny Hoyer). However, the manner by which she has evidenced that support has been ham handed, and will apparently guarantee bad feelings one way or the other. As Robert Novak suggested:

This is a no-win situation for Pelosi. If Murtha wins today, she will be accused of personal vindictiveness in derailing Hoyer, who is more popular in the caucus and better qualified for leadership. If Murtha loses, as is much more probable, she will be seen as bumbling her first attempt to lead the new Democratic majority. Pelosi could have avoided this dilemma by standing aside as Newt Gingrich, then the presumptive speaker, did when he voted for his ally Robert Walker as majority whip but did not ask members to oppose Tom DeLay.Pelosi’s mistake confirms long-standing, privately held Democratic apprehension about her abilities. Such concerns do not reflect the Republican indictment of her as a reflexive San Francisco liberal. Some of her most trenchant congressional critics are on the left wing of the party. These colleagues worry that her decision making may be distorted by personal considerations.

And all this is before you get into the matters of Alcee Hastings and Jane Harman.

Pelosi is a Democrat, but her initial moves seem to be spreading discord and confusion among her troops and could benefit the GOP…which does not speak well in the short term of her ability to lead the congressional party.


3 thoughts on “Just When I Thought Things Would be Civil

  1. Looks like it has come true. The House Commie’s chose Steny Hoyer to be Majority Leader. Good for the Region and not-so -good for Speaker-to-be Pelosi…aaaahhh, couldn’t have happened to a nastier lady (bless her heart)!!!

    Bwana Fan in Vienna

  2. The horror!

    Imagine the nerve of a House Speaker to try to install the person she/he trusts as second in command.

    And strong-arming?

    Hay Dios Mio! I’m sure GOPers like former disgraced Rep. Tom DeLay never, ever, ever did anything like that.

    Woe to you, hypocrites of all stripes!

  3. HL unfortunately misses the mark. The real point here is not hypocrisy, but competence and willingness to lead.

    When Tom Delay wanted something done, he got it done. The issue is not Speaker Pelosi’s trying to install her choice as Majority Leader-the issue is the clumsy, ham handed way she attempted to do it.

    If she did not want Hoyer, then:

    She should have gotten her candidate into the field earlier, AND she should have picked someone who was not damaged goods, AND she should not have sent out her minions saying it was OK to vote for Murtha even if support had been pledged to Hoyer because “the vote was a secret ballot-who’s going to know?”, AND her endorsement letter should have gone farther than it did.

    It not a question of hypocrisy, it’s a question of competence-and the only Dios Mio that should go out here is for the Howling Latina, who is letting her overwhelming loyalty for the first woman speaker blind her to political realities…and that is unfortunately the only hypocrisy at play here.

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