Funny how folks react…

You may recall how during the recently ended US Senate campaign in Virginia the Washington Post chose to focus on George Allen’s attire, and to judge by the LTE section that was all well and good-nothing was published to suggest that WaPo was focusing on style over substance, and led to lots of notes to the Ombudsman.

Maybe times have changed.

Today’s Letters to the Editor includes several comments on the WaPo writing about the fashion style of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker elect of the House of Representatives, and criticizing them for focusing on Mrs. Pelosi’s wardrobe and not her political skills and positions.

Wow…maybe in publishing these letters the WaPo is showing us the paper recognizes it should focus on substance and not style.

Of course, it helps that Pelosi is a Democrat. I am sure once a GOP candidate attracts their attention with fashion stylings good or bad that they can make fun of, they will be back to their old tricks.


One thought on “Funny how folks react…

  1. You have to have Substance in order for it to be reported on. Unfortunately with Ms. Pelosi, style is all she has, she has no substance, her friendship with Murtha proves that.

    Take care and Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Bwana Fan in Vienna

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