Googlebombing and Dirty Tricks

Technology often confuses me, but nowhere do technological advances make a bigger impact than in the realm of competition…athletics, war, negotiations, the latest and greatest makes a difference. 

 This is certainly true in politics, and we can see where the Democrats are refining what might be called the latest Dirty Trick.

 I have written previously about Googlebombing…and now it seems other folks are noticing, even the folks over at Slate.

It seems like every time some new technology is created that allows better and greater communication within the political arena, it gets twisted into another tool by which to one up the other guy and not something that elevates the level of discourse. Somehow turning the internet from a place to search with some objectivity for information on a candidate into another gotcha pratice seems crude and a little tawdry.

I don’t know whether to wryly grin at American ingenuity or just cry over the lost opportunities.


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