Quo Vadis Dan Scandling?

The answer, I imagine, is right back to work on capitol hill.  However, one would think it should have been to the Advance as a trainer.

Dan Scandling is the Chief of Staff for Frank Wolf (Va-10), and in the election season his campaign manager.  Prior to that he served in similar position for the late Congressman Herb Bateman (Va-1).  Scandling has directed winning elections in both districts, including Wolf’s 2004 victory over self-financed millionaire James Socas and the 2006 win over ActBlue and DCCC candidate Judy Feder. 

In a year when the GOP took a big whooping nationally, when many derided Wolf as running a “stealth campaign (yeah, Not Bucky, I am talking about you!) against an opponent who raised over a million dollars, and with the DCCC announcing late in the campaign to make the 10th a targeted race, Wolf still beat Feder by 57.25%-40.95%, a margin that surprised many.

Dan Scandling is the kind of person the GOP should look to as a source for how to run winning campaigns in the current environment.  However, if one looks at the preliminary agenda as listed by the kind folks at Elephant Ears, that apparently is not an idea shared by the event organizers.

I am sure this will not be the only opportunity missed by the GOP this winter…


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