Humility via the Cooch…

Sometimes you get a reminder of your place in the universe, and I think I just got one courtesy of my state Senator.

I am not a neophyte blogger, have been posting for over a year and with increased regularity for the last six months.  I get reasonable readership totals, and often my posts attract the attention of larger, more established blogs.  While choosing titled anonimity (having watched the BVBL-Daily Whackjob fued last spring), I have made it clear where I live.   My recent posts about the state of the RPV got good feedback, Shaun Kenney wants a conversation on the topics, and I get to thinking maybe…just maybe…folks are reading my stuff!  Maybe I am a making a contribution!

Then I see at Bearing Drift that my state Senator Ken Cuccinelli has announced his new website via the blogging community…and while my blog has associated with the same email for some time, I received no announcement.  The AG has me on his blog distribution list, but not my state senator.


Just like Avis, I guess I have to work a little harder.

Of course, I really blame Ben Tribbett. Had he not called me his favorite GOP blogger, maybe I would have gotten the Cuccinelli announcement.

Yeah, that’s it!


5 thoughts on “Humility via the Cooch…

  1. Not necessarily bad…as a dyed in the wool democrat you are are what you are. Plus, being an incessant muckraker, it pays to keep you informed.

    I, on the other hand, due to electronic association with and approval by said known democratic muckraker, have become damaged goods…despite being a constituent.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😉

  2. If you are damaged goods, it might be from supporting Dave Marsden. Perhaps if you issued an apology to the people of Burke? 🙂

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