They are Coming after the Cooch…

We know the Virginia Democrats are feeling their oats after the last two elections, and the WaPo reports they are loading up the coffers.

However, the “Whack Cuccinelli” sites are already popping up. The first one I found actually mentions an earlier post in this blog…so a couple of points should be made…

1. While I disagree with him on him means, I think his ends on taxes are correct. Governor Warner raised taxes claiming necessity, then not only “discovered” there would have been a surplus without the 2005 tax increase, but had staff that overlooked an additional $137 million dollars in revenue. Governor Kaine talked about tax increases being a last resort while running for election, then began asking for tax increases even before he got sworn in.

SenKen’s method may not make for a strategy that expands the GOP vote, but legislatively it is an effective and necessary hinderance to those who whose first option, and not last option, is taxation.

That is why I have already asked the campaign for bumper stickers for moi and SWMBO.

2. If you have any doubt about the mindset that already is in place to defeat The Cooch, see comment #2 to this post:

Best of luck. In a state with such a conservative bent, it will be a tough fight to bring back fairness, reason, and a touch of wisdom to state government.

Breathtaking arrogance that can, in one sentence, insult so many people at the same time!

Cuccinelli in 2007!


2 thoughts on “They are Coming after the Cooch…

  1. Cooch is a survior. He has the the trait of being both conservative and extremely likable as a candidate. I talked with him at the Fairfax City 4th of July March, and he had me in stiches, he was hilarious. So worry, but don’t worry. You know?

  2. I wish them luck. He is part of the problem and not the solution. Mason Conservative is correct, he is a survivor, however, I find him neither funny or likable. It is neither funny or likable to declare war on members of your own party who do not agree with you 100% of the time. Cooch is famous for this.

    Bwana Fan in Vienna

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