What does this Mean?

At lunch today I was told by a friend that I should apply for the Sorenson Institute.  I do not know if this is:

A) A compliment;
B) A sign of the apocalypse;
C) A sign that I should begin drinking heavily;
D) All of the above…

Hard to say…


5 thoughts on “What does this Mean?

  1. well, VP, I think I can handle the suspense, especially as I am not sure I have an interest…

    …but I certainly hope they try to recruit me! 😉

  2. I know many who have been through Sorenson. They found it to be a worhtwile endeavor. The original intent was to provide a means were we start training for public service. Sorenson people of both political stripes have attended.

    It also is a good network of people who claim to care about good government, etc. From my observation, it does succeed in creating that environment.

    I was told I should go through the Sorenson. I was flattered, however, at this stage of my career in public service, what would it benefit me, other then being part of the “Sorenson Alumni Network”. Haven’t come to a satisfactory conclusion about that one. Good Luck Bwana.

    Bwana Fan in Vienna

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