What Have I Done?

About ten minutes ago we came into possession of a 9 week old Wheaten Terrier show grade puppy.  My WMD all want a dog, and SWMBO is from a dog family.  I have borderline dog allergies, and we hope the non-shed nature of this dog will minimize my issues. 

Why did I do it given my allergy concerns?  I mean, a boy and his dog, vox populi…I had to give in.

The dog is named Teddy, for Teddy Roosevelt.

If the dog and I survive each other, I will be back later.

I am excited-I have always liked dogs.  I am worried-that allergy thing.

It is a new challenge, and I know it will be fun.  Nonetheless, in the back of my mind I keep thinking:

“What have I done???!”


4 thoughts on “What Have I Done?

  1. Well Bwana I offer this advice, there is something to be said about having someone/something that is always that happy to see you when you come home everyday…no matter what they greet you with unconditional true affection, that is what it means to have a dog.
    As I am sure you are aware, that the same does not always hold true for the human inhabitants of your household. Good Luck with the new addition to your family.

    Bwana Fan In Vienna

  2. I too have a dog named Teddy because he’s like a big, brown, Teddy Bear and rivals Teddy Roosevelt in weight. Well, not quite, but close at 105.

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