A Valuable Fight at Viv’s Joint…

The only bloggers I like more than Vivian Paige are the ones I am related to, and this post is indicative of why…a post with topical value on multiple fronts.

As you may have read in the WaPo, several Episcopal churches in the Diocese of Virginia recently voted to leave the Episcopal Church of the US due to doctrinal differences over ordaining of gay bishops and consecration of homosexual marriages. This is a topic that I have some involvement in, as the church I currently belong to is going over these same issues.

The general level of interest in this matter is raised for NoVA political types as Truro Episcopal Church, which voted 90% to leave the US Church, is the church of Chap! Petersen, former delegate, former candidate for Lt. Governor, and likely opponent for state Senator JMDD in the 2007 election. The question that is raised is which way did Chap! vote in this matter.

Hop over and take a look. Essentially there are those that say it is a personal matter of faith that does not matter in a political campaign. This POV includes numerous references to JFK. The other side says Chap!’s vote is germain as it gives an indication of his positions on a variety of matters pertaining to gay rights.

Thanks to VP for interjecting this exciting discussion into the Virginia blogosphere on an otherwise sleepy monday!

Vivian, you are truly the wind beneath my wings!


2 thoughts on “A Valuable Fight at Viv’s Joint…

  1. Vivian’s my favorite blogger. She’s incredibly intelligent, level-headed, and knows how to express an idea succintly. And I usually agree with her.

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