RK diary misses the point

One thing I have to admire about Raising Kaine…the never ending ability to go self-righteous over the most ridiculous things.  In this case, it is the willingness of newspapers to get democratic takes on a GOP matter.

 In a recent RK diary, “Rob” takes issue with coverage of the GOP transportation meetings, saying the real story is how there has been failure to make progress. I doubt he has concrete proof of this, but given the absence of an announcement of an agreement it is a reasonable assumption to make.

Then he takes off on who is not part of the story:

Sure, hearing from the Republicans about their feud is an important part of the story. But these journalist are simply letting these GOP leaders spin a story of unity and cheer. Getting the perspective of some non-GOP leaders like, I don’t know, the Governor would’ve been the fair thing to do. Readers deserve to hear what the gentleman who would have to sign any legislation – or anybody from his party, for that matter – has to say about the prospects of intra-party compromise from the GOP.

The various papers don’t have to, because:
(a) It is their story, so they can write what they like, much like it is your blog piece, and you can write what you want;
(b) The story is on the meetings, and not the opposition reaction. You save the reaction for another piece, thus keeping interest in the story alive…you know, sort of like the WaPo did with macaca last fall.
(c) Finally, and most important, they already know that Kaine is going to say whatever he can for greatest political advantage. Remember, this is the guy who promised not to raise taxes while running for office and then asks for higher taxes within a month of being elected.

Example: Today’s Washington Post article writes that members of both parties:

…say Kaine has developed a brash, partisan style that has ratcheted up tensions with the conservative wing of the state GOP and has made negotiations over transportation and other issues more difficult than necessary.

Elsewhere Kaine says:

“I don’t apologize for trying to promote what I think is right,” Kaine said. “The notion that you have to apologize for being a part of a two-party system, I don’t believe you do. It’s one of the things that makes our system great.”

And that is where RK and Rob miss the point. Kaine knows he is in a two party system and where both parties put up an idea, and he is unapologetic about doing all he can to get his policies enacted. That being the case, don’t you think it is pretty obvious how he is going to characterize the GOP meetings? 

If you cannot, then you have not been following Tim Kaine’s career.  Hint: he will say anything he can to undermine, redefine, mischaracterize, and ultimately defeat the GOP proposal…

If you really think papers need to print Kaine’s reactions-when you know exactly what he is going to say-then you probably should also insist newspapers regularly report on other stunning news…perhaps that the sun comes up in the east, that fast food is unhealthy, and that George Allen has not cornered the market on humility.


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