A New Year’s Gift from the Skeptical Observor

Despite my long time GOP alignment and leanings, I strive to use RR for observations about both parties for better or for worse.  Why?  Because the GOP has lost its way, and the Democrats are not offering any type of direction or vision either…they just sit back and wait for GOP candidates to self-destruct.

It was in that spirit that I criticized Conrad Burns late last month for trying to blame his defeat on the Senate GOP campaign committee not spending adequate funds on his race.  No democrats were mentioned in the post…the Burns piece was about republicans criticizing republicans.

I went on to congratulate George Allen for not following the same path, but noted that his loss was less a matter of money than a lack of humility, and that his future chances existed in direct proportion to his willingness to show some humility.  For example, in his last interviews he really has not accepted any blame for the pitfalls his campaign experienced, instead blaming the Washington Post and the other usual suspects.

In response to this James Young (judging from the email address he of the “Skeptical Observor”) commented:

This is a pretty bold claim from a member of the “Florida and Ohio were stolen!” party.

To which my old friend Anke replied:

And you know this how, Jimmy? It’s obvious that you have no clue as to the identity of Bwanna, for which I am sure he is quite relieved.

I was not sure what I had done to attract this attention from James…beyond the fact I went to Bridgewater College and he to Hampden-Sydney College, a matter we have nattered about in the past.

Suddenly it hit me…Brother Young thinks I am a democrat!

I have never said that Democrats run rabbits and howl at the moon. I have voted for Democrats in the absence of a qualified Republican candidate. However, there is really no way one could look at my past political participation, my political views, and my thoughts about who is the best protector of our future and realistically say I am a democrat. Of course, Anke knows me and my past activism, so she would understand why Jame’s contention is so silly.

Why do I consider this a New Year’s gift? Because if Brother Young, who has shown himself quick to roll out the RINO label, would actually suggest that I am a democrat then I must be successfully annoying folks on both sides of the aisle…which is something that suits me just fine!



5 thoughts on “A New Year’s Gift from the Skeptical Observor

  1. Aa to the “RINO” allegation, I have never used it in reference to you, and have rarely used it reference to any one. That accusation is positively false. Truth be told, I don’t think much of you at all, bwana. I don’t respect the fact that you hide in pseudonymity, which makes your biographical claims immediately suspect (as some in the ODBA have learned in recent days).

    However, if you have voted for Democrats, then you must not be much of a Republican activist. As a GOP activist, I believe the only respectable course in circumstances such as you describe is the withholding of any vote. If you vote for candidates of both parties, then you must be an independent.

    Moreover, for the life of me, I cannot find what in your original post would have caused me to make that comment, save for the conclusion that one might draw from reading the original post in isolation, which I did (per my observation that I don’t think about you much at all; I am not a regular reader). Indeed, I agree with much of what you said in it. Did you delete a comment that would have preceded it? It wouldn’t surprise me if it was made in reference to a prior comment/commenter.

    And if your relying upon the OWW for support, you might care to choose your friends more wisely. Given her sleazy behavior as campaign manager for the last Harry Parrish primary campaign, she should be (and is) persona no grata among respectable Republican circles.

  2. James-

    As with much of the blogosphere, I appreciate your input. As far as the suggestino that I deleted a comment preceding you-no, I did not. I approve all comments that are not spam and are not rife with profanity or threats of violence.

    As far as the idea that an accusatin was made, there were none. There was a characterization, and if you think it off base then I guess we are even.

    This is not a matter of relying upon anyone for support. Anke’s comment merely clarified an implication of your post, and it was an observation that could have come from anyone.

    However, as far as picking friends, Anke and I go way back. She and her family paid their respects at the funeral home when my mother died over twenty years ago. I have known them from since before Manassas was a City. I put up precinct signs with her brother back in the day, and was in the CRFV with one of her sisters.

    But thanks for the input…and again, have a Happy New Year!

  3. Jimmy, your comment only shows, once more, just how little you know and how irritating you can be in your display of that lack. Insofar as being persona non grata among your friends, I’m really quite relieved…we are often judged by the company we keep and I’m really rather satisfied with mine. As a matter of fact, what you might consider “respectable Republican circles” might not be considered quite so respectable beyond your own little sphere of influence.

  4. James sometimes detonates prematurely, Bwana. I hate to bring you down, but catching flak from that quarter doesn’t say very much. The threshold of excitement for that lad is fairly low and a bit random. If you drew Jim’s ire, about all you can be certain of is that you’re breathing, thinking and that your Republican and/or conservative credentials are pretty solid. Interestingly, his comment No. 2 above suggests that he himself isn’t sure what triggered his attack -a condition that I suspect is fairly frequent).

    Because you’ve commented and posted persuasively and thoughtfully on ways to improve GOP fortunes and goverance in Virginia, you clearly are in a class of folks who merit Young’s negative attentions. Congratulations and thanks for your contributions.

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