WaPo undermines Jackson Miller

This AM the Washington Post choses to use a profile of Jackson Miller as a tool to undermine his tenure in the House of Delegates.

To review,  Delegate Miller won a special election in Va-50 last November to succeed the late Harry Parrish in the Virginia House of Delegates.  Throughout the campaign, his quite liberal opponent Jeanette Rishell attempted to portray Miller as a right wing nutter, regularly saying that she was the true “moderate” successor to Harry Parrish.  Parrish’s family disagreed with this characterization, noted the vast array of policy differences between Rishell and the late Delegate Parrish, and endorsed Mr. Miller.

The voters also disagreed with Ms. Rishell, and in a huge democratic year Mr. Miller won a solid victory.

One of the funny things in the 50th is that Rishell and her allies can find perhaps one or two substantive votes over Harry’s two decades in the House of Delegates they agree with him on, but claim that makes her the logical successor.

But hope springs eternal, and once again the WaPo turns the news section into an editorial attack.

Today the WaPo runs a profile of Delegate Miller as he approaches his first session. Rather than focus on his record and community activism, the WaPo instead kicks off the 2007 campaign season by coughing back up Rishell’s campaign claims (and conveniently not mentioning the WaPo endorsed her). The WaPo then quote Democrat Brian Moran as saying:

“If Delegate Miller sides with the politics of extremism, I would expect a competitive race this fall,” said Del. Brian J. Moran (D-Alexandria). “Whether on transportation or immigration, we need moderation on every issue. That’s how Harry Parrish led.”

The WaPo chooses to omit any comment by any other republicans, nor do they ask Delegate Moran what he means by “politics of extremism”, or clarify what is meant by this term. For all I know, extremism in this context means refusing to raise people’s taxes because it is the easiest way to do something.

Nicely done by the WaPo. By selective quoting and cherry picking his record, the WaPo seeks to frame Jackson Miller as an extremist before he even casts a vote in Richmond. Moran is a Democratic Pary legislator, so his prattling can be dismissed as partisan bloviating…but mark my words-no matter what Jackson Miller does this session, no matter how he votes, Moran will be back on the soapbox this fall claiming that Miller could have emulated Harry Parrish, and instead choses to side with the extremist elements of the GOP.

The WaPo could have mentioned his public service, time as a cop walking a beat, etc., but choose not to.

It just gives you an idea of what the fall campaigns will be like.


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