The State Song Should Be…

It seems that my delegate David Marsden has decided to begin the session by breaking into song…on behalf of a song.

Brother Marsden has introduced HB 2662 State Song that will designate “Virginia, Ever Enshrined” as the state song of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

I have listened to it. It won’t wash. It is neither catchy, nor martial, nor grand. It is a non-starter. Sorry about bruised feelings…but better to deal with the pain than wallow in impossible hope.

Having said that, what song should be selected?

The Shad Plank suggested “Highway to Hell” would be a good alternative, but since they have widened significant portions of Va. 58 I don’t know we can pull that off.

So, since “Shenandoah” has been disallowed for the fact that it doesn’t refer to Virginia, I renew my suggestion that after all the pretenders are wiped away that we put into place the rightful state song…the song that has kept drunk frat boys shagging for thirty years…you know it, you love it, say it with me…

!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Virginia Breeze !!!!!!!!!!c
It’s already the unofficial state song, let’s make it official! 

For those not familiar with this party classic, you can find music and lyrics here. If you think you have heard a different version, you may have. Robbin Thompson and Steve Bassett recorded this together in 1975 on the album “Together”.

Then when the two sent their separate ways each recorded it individually, Robbin Thompson on the disc “ITwo B’s Please” and Bassett on “Steve Bassett’s Virginia Breeze”, so there are as many as three versions out there by the guys who wrote this song.

Togethertwo B’s Pleasesweet virginia breeze
“Sweet Virginia Breeze” was a regional hit in the Southeast, and has been a staple at social events for over a quarter century.

I admit a sentimental attachment to the song…but I know whether played at the normal pace or at a more stately rate it captures the spirit of those of live in and love Virginia. Besides, if not the state song, then why not the official state rock and roll song? If Washington can claim “Louie, Louie” for that purpose, why doesn’t Virginia grab this one?

To me, this song is not just entertaining, easy to sing, and fun, it is a real song. It was written to be sung and performed just for the sake of doing it, and not created out of whole cloth for the sole purpose of being submitted as the state song.  I like the idea of a song that has had people on their feet dancing and singing and not a prim recital piece that would not exist but for someone wanting their little piece of immortality.

So, Delegate Marsden, after the pretenders flame out, put up the real thing.  Made in Virginia, vibrant for years, guaranteed to please-“Sweet Virginia Breeze”.


9 thoughts on “The State Song Should Be…

  1. Well Bwanna, your post compelled me to go to the State Competition site and have a listen to the Grand Finalists from back in 2000, when the contest was temporarily suspended. Your selection was on that list, but I saw no mention of Dave Marsden’s selection which, after having heard MY preference, I considered it a waste of time to listen to more than half of it. Your choice is entertaining (and I did listen to all of that one), but my choice embodies everything I have ever felt about Virginia, which has continually drawn me back from short stints around the world and the country. Only other place in the world I was ever sorely tempted to remain was Vienna, Austria…but Virginia drew me back (besides, I was in my early twenties, and what do kids know). MY choice is “Virginia” by Donna M. & Jimmy Dean…none of the rest even came close. If you haven’t heard it (particularly version 1), you’ve got to…you’re a lifer like me.

  2. How about “God Bless Virginia”, words below:

    While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,
    Let us swear allegiance to a land that’s free,
    Let us all be grateful for a land so fair,
    As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer:

    God Bless Virginia.
    Land that I love
    Stand beside her, and guide her
    Thru the night with a light from above.
    From the mountains, to the piedmont,
    To the oceans, white with foam
    God bless Virginia
    My home sweet home.

    God Bless Virginia,
    Land that I love
    Stand beside her,
    And guide her,
    Through the night
    With the light from above,
    From the mountains,
    To the piedmont,
    To the ocean,
    White with foam,
    God bless Virginia,
    My home sweet home.
    God bless Virginia,
    My home sweet home.

    It should be sung to the tune of “God Bless America”

  3. Dear Senator Cuccinelli…Oh My Heavens, you cannot be serious.

    With all due respect, no, no, a bazillion times no.

    I think the Commonwealth deserves her own unique song, and it pains me to see you do not share that opinion.

    Better an ersatz song made up for a competition than near plagiarism of a long standing classic by swapping out a word or two.

  4. It is amazing that you and I are almost and always on the same page. I love the song “Sweet Virginia Breeze” prefer Robbin Thompson to Steve Bassett, but that is just my taste. I remember the college and Jaycee days shagging to that wonderful tribute to our beloved Commonwealth. It would be the best choice I agree.
    I also wonder whatever happened to the song that Robbin Thompson wrote and sang that was commissioned for the Virginia Department of Tourism back in 1985. The actual title of the song is “She said Stay” but the general public would refer to it as “Virginia Is For Lovers” because that is the chorus. Anyway, “Sweet Virginia Breeze” definately gets my vote.

    Bwana Fan In Vienna

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  6. While I realize this post is old, I must put in my two cents!!! Sweet Virginia Breeze!!!!! for the win!!! do it! and do it now! 🙂

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