The New Team I Love or Hate

I am a Redskins fan by nature and by nurture, so it is no surprise I really do not like the Dallas Cowboys.  I respect and even like individual players, but the mention of Clint Longley makes me ralph on command. The Cowboys have been the sole resident in the 19th ring of hell.

However, I have hunch they may soon have company.

The team: The Pittsburgh Steelers.  The reason: a potential Russ Grimm diss.

I am a Russ Grimm fan.  He was a member of the Hogs, and throughout his career he played with intensity, intelligence, and integrity.  I was happy when he started his coaching career with the ‘Skins, was sorry to see him leave, and was thrilled to see him named as a front runner for the Pittsburgh Steeler job (he is currently the Steelers assistant head coach and line coach)…so much so that I told my neighbor who is a long time Steeler fan that if Grimm got the head coaching job in Pittsburgh I would start rooting for the Steelers as my #2 (and AFC) team.

Plus, it seemed like a sure deal.  All early reports had the choice between Ken Whisenhut (a/k/a “The Whiz) and Grimm.  When I read that The Whiz was off to Phoenix, I thought it would be a done deal, with an announcement of a Grimm hire by this past weekend.

Now, it seems something else is afoot.  Reports from Steel City indicate that Mike Tomlin (Minnesota Vikings’ defensive coordinator) and Ron Rivera (Chicago Bears’ defensive coordinator) are in the mix.

There has arisen a strong suspicion that the Steelers want Rivera, but since the Bears are still in the running he cannot interview until after the Bears season is over, and that is the reason the Rooney’s have not moved. Perhaps more to the point is that if they wanted Grimm, why not just hire him now?

I understand why this happens…the Steelers are hedging their bets, Grimm is too much like Cowher and they want something new etc. With the Bear’s success, Rivera is the flavor of the month. Nonetheless, I hate to see this being done to as good a guy as Russ Grimm, who is not only highly qualified but is a Pittsburgh guy by birth, a college star at Pitt, high school multi sport star in high school.

So the venerated Rooney family has courteously created two clear paths for me…pick Grimm, and I am off to pick up a Steelers cap. Pick someone else, and the for the first time the Cowboys will have company in the Bwana family Hall of Trashy Teams.


2 thoughts on “The New Team I Love or Hate

  1. I think Russ should be back coaching here with the Skins and I also think that the long overdue induction of Art Monk and Russ Grimm to the NFL Hall Fame should occur this year as well. “And that’s all I have to say ’bout that!”

    Bwana Fan In Vienna

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