The Cowboys have Company…

As noted in a previous post, the Pittsburgh Steelers were on the cusp of being my new favorite or new hated team.  For those tuning in late, they had a chance to hire from within and pick Russ Grimm, their offensive line coach and Assistant head Coach.  The other internal front runner chose to head off to Arizona, afraid that if he waited for the Steelers to choose they might not pick him, and he might not get a head coach position at all.

 Grimm stayed loyal, wanting to be coach of the Steelers, on his home turf, where he grew up, where he was a college star before heading off to a three super bowl ring, nominated for the hall of fame career with the Washington Redskins.

Instead, the Steelers chose to dump on Russ Grimm, so they now join the Dallas Cowboys in the tenth ring of hell, just below the level reserved for traitors. 

 Truth be told, if they had just cut Russ early so he would have chance at other positions being the softie I am I would have let bygones be bygones.  But they didn’t.  They kept him and held on while they interviewed other folks…people who I have not doubt are qualified.

It now seems the Steelers had no plans of breaking their tradition. No, no, not the one about hiring caucasian coaches…I mean the one about hiring as a new head coach someone in their mid 30’s, defensive coordinator, and from anothe team.

 Yep, it now seems that Grimsie never had a chance…and that they kept him around as an insurance policy…and now that they have a new head coach they no doubt will kick him to the curb.  I just hope he got severance, as he still had time to run on his contract.

I’d love to see him come back to the Redskins, but I don’t think Joe Bugel is going anywhere.

 Yep, all’s well that ends well…Chan Gailey-interviewed-goes back to Georgia tech.  Whisenhunt goes to a new gig in Phoenix, Rivera loses the shot but he is coaching in the superbowl…and put a superbowl ring on that finger and maybe Jerry Jones will come calling to get a replacement for the Tuna…and of course Mike Tomlin gets a the big gig with Pittsburgh.

And Russ Grimm gets to go home and sit and try to find a new job.

This really stinks.

Well, at least the Cowboys have company…


4 thoughts on “The Cowboys have Company…

  1. If Jerry Jones hired a former Redsking to coach the ‘pokes, then the earth will spin off its axis, up will be down, dogs and cats will live together in the street, Jim Webb will become GWB’s Chief of Staff, RK will endorse Jim Gilmore for President and Jim Parmalee will show up on NLS as the best dressed man at a political event.

    Jones is no fool…he saw how well a former cowboy coach meshed with the ‘skins, and he will not run that chance again.

    One of the real pities here is that Grimm could be a good head coach, but his persona is blood and guts and slobberknocker, so there really are only a few teams that will look at him…and no one that wants a big vertical game will want someone who is so viscerally identified with the running game.

    Maybe we have the following scenario…Grimm sits out a year or goes to detroit at O-line coach. the skins have another mediocre year and Gibbs and the brain trust pack it in. Wanting to start over, Snyder bids large and gets Cowher, and Grimm comes to Washington with him.

    But Jerry Jones hire Russ Grimm as head coach? Ain’t gonna happen.

  2. Bwana:
    I agree, if Grimm went to coach the Cowboys, the whole world would be on a tilt. However, you forgot the other element if Grimm became a Cowboy…Hilary would become president!!! So don’t even entertain the idea. The Skins do have a few coaching vacancies that Russ should be considered for and I hope they can find a place for him. Who better to teach how to pass rush, then a former offensive lineman, i.e. one of the best to ever play the game, which is why he and Art Monk should go into Canton this year. No if’s, and’s or but’s!!!! Actually, I think if you look at it, there has not been a better offensive line crew, really, since the Hogs, so they all should go to Canton!!
    On another note, did you mean Jim Parmelee is not THE best dressed man at a political event. Oh ye of no fashion sense!!

    Bwana fan in Vienna

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