SUN Microsystem and the Steelers…

Russ Grimm is headed to Phoenix to join the Whiz, and it is my sincere hope that after next year he gets the head coaching job he deserves.  As he has a position and has not been left high and dry by the Steelers ungrateful and completely dishonest actions, this will be my last last vent on the situation.

 The Pittsburgh actions in this matter reminds me of SUN Microsystems…talk a really good act, but in fact are as vicious and perhaps worse than the competition.

You see, in my day job I do a lot of technical purchasing…I am one of the folks who found a new line of work via the IT boom.  Ten years ago was that Microsoft were a bunch of buccanners, vicious profit maximizers who wanted to rule the world and used their desktop dominance to send out bad software and make the actual users serve as Beta testers.  On the other hand, Sun Microsystems was this IT god who put our hardware that worked, had a robust OS, and were just the polor opposites of Microsoft in attitude and approach.

Then I went to work at a shop where I actually had to work with SUN, and I discovered that SUN was just as bad as Microsoft, and in many ways worse.  They would sell systems, and not make it clear that things like floppy drives (circa 2001) were not standard.  If you purchased a system with minimum memory configuration to take advantage of better pricing from third party merchants, SUN shipped the system with memory spread over all available memory slots, essentially making you buy memory from them that  you would never use.  All the while they engaged in this petty gamesmanship with reliable customers so they could grab a few more dollars, Scott McNeally, the SUN CEO, acted as if SUN never did anything wrong and was in fact the protector of IT users.

I came to realize that SUN was just as bad as Microsoft, except Microsoft made no bones about what they were doing.  SUN has a self righteousness to it that-along with a failure to adapt to the marketplace and the explosion of Linux-has been driving customers away for years.

The Russ Grimm episode shows me the Steelers have a lot in common with SUN Microsystems.  The Steelers put out this great “family” vibe, and the Rooney’s are such great folks, etc. etc. etc.  But the bottom line is they have no loyalty.  They are as bad as the Cowboys, except the Cowboys don’t try to camouflage their intentions.  They want to win, and will sacrifice those they need to .  Jerry Jones would not have kept a Russ Grimm hanging, even if only because it adds to his image of decisveness.

I may not be a smart man, but I know imposters when I see them…and that is what the Steelers and the Rooney’s are.

Russ Grimm-good luck in Phoenix.  And when the Steelers come to visit next season, I hope you and the Whiz and the Cards whack the bejeezus out of them.


One thought on “SUN Microsystem and the Steelers…

  1. Well Bwana:
    I wish Russ the best. I think it is a shame that he is not a Head Coach or The Joe’s didn’t have him come back home. Well just think, only six months until training camp begins! Good Luck to Art & Russ and may they both go to Canton this year!

    Bwana Fan In Vienna

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