Art Monk gets screwed yet again

For the seventh time Art Monk has been denied.

Art Monk, for the non-football fans out there, played wide receiver for the Washington Redskins.  He retired with three Super Bowl rings, played in a fourth, at one time held both the single and career reception records for the NFL, the leader and role model for the 1980’s Redskins.  He played unselfish football, was a deadly downfield blocker, and by all accounts was a team player who did not demand the ball but instead played within Joe Gibbs run oriented system and was team leader on and off the field.

 And yet today, for the seventh time, Art Monk has been denied admission into the Professional Football Hall of Fame. Yep, he got screwed, rogered, fill in the verb.

To quote Jim Kelly, Former Buffalo Bills QB Jim Kelly-a Hall of Fame (HOF) member, on Art Monk:
“I still can’t believe he’s not in.”

Cowboy wideout Michael Irvin did get voted in.  I cannot say the did not deserve it, although one would think that if the HOF voters would send in someone with as many off the field problems as Irvin someone like Monk who was as solid off the field as on would be a lock, especially since he had better lifetime stats.

Yep-consider this: 

Monk: 940
Irvin: 750
Swann: 336

Career Yards:
Monk: 12,271
Irvin: 11,904
Swann: 5,462
Stallworth: 8723

Career Touchdowns:
Monk: 68
Irvin: 65
Swann: 51
Stallworth: 63

Yep…in these three main categories (Recep., Yds., and TD’s Art Monk had better numbers than at least three of these Hall of Famers…and he is still denied admission. Shoot, Art Monk had more receptions in his career than Swann and Stallworth combined!

Some voters say he was not flashy enough…but the last time I checked flash was not supposed to be an admission requirement. Excellence, superior performance, a quality career was what I thought was the deal. If flash is the deal, then prepare spots for Brian Bosworth and Terrell Owens ASAP.

I always thought it would count for Monk that he compiled his statistics despite not having a consistent quarterback.and it should.

Look at the boyos up top…during entire Irvin’s career he had Troy Aikman, HOF QB throwing to him. During Swann and Stallworth’s entire career, they had Terry Bradshaw, HOF QB, throwing to them. Monk had the following throwing to him-Joe Theisman, Jay Schroeder, Doug Williams, and Mark Rypien. None of these guys will make the Hall without a ticket.

Stallworth and Swann backers will say their careers were cut short by injury and wear and tear, so the numbers should not matter. Monk was the guy who ran the tough routes, the 8 yard drags over the middle when the game was on the line…and yet the only serious injury he took was a broken leg at the end of the 1982 season…so apparently great numbers compiled over a long career have no place in Canton.

Then there is the writers hypocrisy, which is as bad and as blatant as most elected officials. They rag on Monk saying he was not the main threat, that the real starts of those Redskins teams was the running game.

If so, where are the Hogs? Russ Grimm was on the ballot, but did not make the finals. Joe Jacoby, Mark Schlereth, Jeff Bostic, George Starke, Jim Lachey..none of these guys were even on the ballot. The only Redskin player of the 80’s in the HOF is John Riggins, and he had left the team by the time they beat Denver in 1988 and Buffalo in 1992. The constant players on those Redskin teams were Jacoby, Grimm, Bostic, Butz, and Monk (Darrell Green came along in 1983)…and none are in the HOF.

Some say well, the ‘skins won two of their rings in strike years. True…but doesn’t it say something for a player who continues to function and maintain excellence in trying circumstances, who continues to produce when the situation is in flux? Then there is the 1991 team, which without being showy was one of most the dominant teams of the last thirty years…and Art Monk was the clear leader of that team by demeanor and by example.  Accepting and playing a role like that got Harry Carson into the HOF, why not Art Monk?

Objectively speaking, there is no reason for not to vote for Art Monk to get in the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

I believe the only reason he is not in is because he is Redskin, and their owner is a jerk.

I bet dollars to donuts that if The Squre or his son owned the ‘skins instead of The Danny, things would be a lot different.

Yes, I know it is easy to bash Brother Snyder. But the numbers, the career excellence, everything that should count for a HOF career is there. There must be some tangible reason Monk is not in the Hall…and I have come to believe it is because of the ill will Snyder has caused.

If not, and if someone else knows the reason, let me know.

In the meantime, hope springs eternal and I shall start looking for February 2008 as the time Art Monk receives the accolades he deserves.


4 thoughts on “Art Monk gets screwed yet again

  1. Objectively speaking, there is no reason not to vote for Art Monk to get in the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

    I totally agree. The only thing I can think of is that because none of the 80s ‘Skins players are in, there is no one there to advocate on behalf of Monk. Emmett & Troy did it for Irvin, and that probably helped. Monk just did his job, to the best of his ability, day in and day out. He deserves to be in the Hall.

  2. Bwana, this is one of your best posts ever. Simplicity is underrated in its power to persuade and you put the case blatantly, objectively and clearly.

    My own view on why Art Monk is not in is because he did his job quietly and without flash day in and day out for years. Sadly, less flash means less votes for the HOF, even when “flash” for most NFL players tends to come along with felonies and misdemeanors.

    In addition to being a great football player, Art Monk is gentleman of extraordinary character, and nobody needs to vote on that.

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