Time Magazine Disagrees with Me…

While waiting in line in the local Safeway, I was an article on the 2008 campaign that was so shocking that I actually purchased a copy and brought it home to read so as to be positive that I read it correctly.

 At the beginning of the article there was a list of 16 candidates for the two major party nominations…you know, the black and white variety that denote the serious, history making candidate.

And you know what?  Among the group that included such heavy lifters as Denis Kucinich and Tom Tancredo, Time Magazine did not list either Jim Gilmore or Bill Richardson.

Foolish omissions!


One thought on “Time Magazine Disagrees with Me…

  1. I’ve been saying since last year that Bill Richardson (one of the few liberals whom I respect) was a dark horse worth watching. Aside from his national and international experience, he’s been a tax-cutting governor. At the very least, he’ll be high on the list of prospective v. p. nominees.

    As to large states vs. small states, what state is our current vice president from? And Cheney’s not of Latino descent.

    Only 2 sitting U. S. senators (Kennedy and Harding) and only one sitting U. S. representative (Garfield) have ever been elected president.

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